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Our Classes

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool is a 4 Star accredited Texas Rising Star center.

We have age appropriate curriculum with weekly lesson plans in each of our classes. 

 Each of our classes have a low student to teacher ratio. 

Tours are offered to accomodate your schedule.

Please call for an appointment or stop by any time for a visit!


Parent and Child

Welcome to our serene, Reggio-inspired infant classroom, where the essence of Christian values harmonizes with a nurturing educational environment. In this haven of discovery, each child is cherished as a unique creation of God, encouraged to explore and learn at their own pace. Our setting is thoughtfully designed with natural light and soft colors, creating a peaceful atmosphere that reflects the beauty of the natural world. Engaging, open-ended materials invite little hands to touch, feel, and create, fostering early developmental skills within a framework of Christian love and care. Here, we blend the principles of the Reggio approach with Christian teachings, cultivating a sense of wonder, spirituality, and connection in the earliest stages of life.

Toddler 1 

Step into our vibrant toddler classroom, where curiosity and Christian values intertwine, creating a joyful learning journey. Tailored for energetic toddlers, our space buzzes with activity, inviting exploration and self-expression. The classroom is a kaleidoscope of colors and textures, designed to stimulate young minds and engage all senses. Our approach blends Reggio-inspired methods with Christian teachings, fostering creativity, compassion, and community. Hands-on activities, from imaginative play to art projects, are thoughtfully planned to nurture each child’s potential while instilling foundational Christian values. In this nurturing environment, toddlers grow, laugh, and learn, embarking on a path of discovery and faith.

Kids in Slide

Toddler 2

Playing with Animals

Welcome to our dynamic two-year-olds' classroom, a place where energy and excitement for learning are always in the air! Here, we blend Christian values with a stimulating, Reggio-inspired environment, perfectly tailored to the unique developmental needs of two-year-olds. Our classroom is a vibrant and interactive space, filled with engaging, sensory-rich activities that encourage exploration, creativity, and social skills. Each day, our little learners are surrounded by opportunities to explore language, art, and early problem-solving, all within a loving, faith-based context. We focus on nurturing each child's natural curiosity and sense of wonder, helping them to develop a love for learning and a deep sense of belonging in a community that cares.


Step into our lively and social classroom for three-year-olds, where the joy of learning and Christian values meet in a colorful, engaging environment. In this inspired space, every corner is an invitation for discovery and growth. Our curriculum is thoughtfully designed to cater to the developmental milestones of three-year-olds, emphasizing language development, social skills, and early independence. Interactive activities, from storytelling to imaginative play, are infused with Christian teachings, promoting kindness, empathy, and a sense of community. Here, children are encouraged to express themselves, explore their interests, and build meaningful relationships, all while being gently guided in their spiritual and educational journey.

Hands on Slime


Artistic Girl

Welcome to our PreK classroom, an environment where four-year-olds are gently prepared for their next big academic journey: kindergarten. In this Christian and Reggio-inspired setting, our focus is on cultivating the skills essential for school success. We blend structured learning with playful exploration, ensuring each child develops a strong foundation in literacy, numeracy, and critical thinking. Hands-on activities, collaborative projects, and engaging story times are designed to foster independence, confidence, and a love of learning. Our curriculum, infused with Christian values, also emphasizes social and emotional growth, preparing children not just academically, but also spiritually and personally for the exciting challenges of kindergarten.

School Age

Join our exciting after-school and summer program, specifically designed for children in kindergarten through 3rd grade! This program offers the perfect blend of academic support and adventurous fun. During the school year, we provide valuable homework assistance and focus on enhancing reading skills, all within a nurturing, Christian environment. We pick up and transport from many schools in the area, please call for a detailed list.


As summer arrives, our program transforms into a city-wide adventure, filled with engaging and educational outings. We explore various local attractions, allowing children to learn about their community and environment in a hands-on way. Our summer adventures are not only fun but also enriching, keeping young minds active and curious. Whether it's exploring a museum, visiting a park, or participating in a community project, every activity is designed to create lasting memories and foster a love of learning.

Children Playing Tug of War
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